Standing and waiting. Why wait?

Why wait? The best time to start was yesterday.

Hello, My name is Nathan Payonk and I am the founder of compoundingsense.com

The saying is so true, there's never a perfect time to start something and there comes a point where you just have to get started and worry about the details later.

Hello, my name is Nathan Payonk and I am the founder of compoundingsense.com. Saying I am the founder makes it seem like I put in a lot of work and created a business or something. In reality it’s an idea that I came up with and a buddy of mine. I had the idea of a blog and told him my goal and he liked it. He was so kind that he even decided to make a website for me. Thus, the fancy layout of this website is all thanks to him as I know nothing about coding and website design.

This website is about helping young people live a better life through mentorship. Mentorship is defined in many ways but to me it just means to provide value and knowledge to someone that is seeking it out. A lot of people think mentorship has to be an official relationship with strict rules and expectations but in my opinion that's not true. In addition, people think in order to be a mentor you need to be super “successful” or have a “x” amount of wealth or knowledge but again that's not true. 

Mentorship is about giving the knowledge and advice you can to people that desire it. I mention desire because mentorship is a two way street. As the saying goes “You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.” You can have the best mentor in the world but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t act on it. 

 My goal is to help young people make their lives better in some capacity no matter how big or small. From my own experience I think we don’t articulate the importance of mentorship enough to young people. Our schools and communities do a good job of providing resources like free lunch, scholarships, and information on jobs. However, I think they do a shitty job of helping young people be prepared for the realities of life. 

These realities include personal finance, networking, cooking, self care, house maintenance and the list could go on and on. Having a mentor can help in these areas amongst many others especially for those who don’t have good support systems at home.

 Now I will admit I don’t know much about life as I am 24 but I will say for the things I don’t know I will find a person that could bring good and honest knowledge for that particular topic. I have realized for a lot of us one of the hardest things to do is admitting we don’t know something publicly. For me I still struggle with this from time to time but in the end I know we can’t do life alone and we will always need help. I was very lucky to have great parents, family, and mentors as it really helped me get where I am today. 

However, I still look back and tell myself “I wish I knew this or that”. That made me think, damn even with all the help I still have a lot of questions, sooooo what about the people that don’t have anyone in their corner? I get it, it's tough to learn these things if you don’t have people around you that talk about it. As kids we mimic our parents and the people around us and over time we develop similar habits and behaviors. So I thought of creating a website to try to help people even with my very limited knowledge and “success”. This website's goal is not only to help young people but it’s to show that even if you are just getting started in a career (me) or have limited life experience (also me) there's always an opportunity to give back through effort and knowledge. 

Now you may ask What the hell does Compounding Sense mean? The name Compounding Sense comes from two words. One of them being “compounding” from the phrase compounding interest. Compound interest is the phenomenon that allows  small amounts of money to grow into large amounts over time. In order to take full advantage of this magical power, investments must be allowed to grow and compound for long periods. The second part of the name “Sense” refers to the phrase “common sense”. So the overall philosophy of this website is to compound common sense so later in life you are well prepared because you invested in yourself early.  

 It is worth mentioning that I am not reinventing the wheel here. There are plenty of blogs and podcasts out there but mine is different because I am learning every step of the way with you, the reader. This is a long experiment I am starting and I am glad to have you along for the journey. As I learn, seek out knowledge and experience life I plan on sharing it with all of you. I want Compounding Sense to be a place where we can share, experience and give back so we can steer young people in the right direction. I’m excited to see how this project will grow and change over time. Great things don’t happen overnight so stay tuned because I promise you there's more to come. 


Written By: Nathan Payonk

Author of Newsletter: Nathan Payonk